Irish Special Committee to deliberate on VAD in October

The Journal reports that the special Oireachtas Committee setup to examine the Irish VAD bill will begin deliberations in October.

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Peruvian woman cleared by the Supreme Court to access VAD

Reuters reports that Peruvian woman, Ana Estrada, has been cleared by the Supreme Court to have an assisted death.

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New Zealand-born woman considers moving back to NZ to access VAD

The Mirror reports that a New Zealand-born woman, Avril Barker, is considering moving back to NZ to access VAD.

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California federal judge refuses to agree with a suit brought by a woman suffering from ALS.

Court House News reports that a California federal judge has refused to agree with a suit brought by a woman suffering from ALS.  She argued that the requirement in Californian law (and elsewhere in the US) that the patient administer the lethal drug (no doctor-administered option) discriminates against the disabled – those who by reasons of their illness are unable to lift and to swallow the substance.

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Proposed VAD Law in South Korea ignites debate

The Korea Times reports that legislation has been introduced into the Korean parliament which would allow terminally ill patients to request a prescription for a substance that would end their lives.  The move is supported by senior citizen groups but opposed by Christian groups and by many doctors. Proposed law on assisted dying reignites euthanasia row. (Info provided to DWDQ from Liz Jacka VAD Media Watch 17/07/2022)


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