About us

Dying With Dignity Queensland Inc (DWDQ) is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation. It was formed on the Sunshine Coast in 1995 and was originally known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Qld Inc (VESQ). It was renamed Dying With Dignity Queensland Incorporated in 2013. After almost 30+ years of campaigning, Voluntary Assisted Dying became legal in Queensland in September, 2021. 

DWDQ aims to ensure the successful and careful implementation of Queensland's Voluntary Assisted Dying Act, and continues to engage the community, MPs and others on matters important to choice at the end of life. This includes ongoing campaigning in support of Voluntary Assisted Dying and potential reviews to Queensland's laws in the future.


DWDQ COMMITTEE 2023 - 2024

President: Sheila Sim, M.A., M.S W. - Sheila, now retired, was a social work clinician and Department Manager in Scotland and Australia for over 40 years. She specialised in work with families during perinatal loss.

Vice President: Jeanette Wiley - Jeanette is a retired palliative care nurse who trained at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and worked in England and New Zealand.  Prior to retiring she worked in Brisbane at Mt Olivet (now St Vincent's) Hospital and in aged care.

Secretary: Jos Hall - Jos was previously president of DWDQ for eight years. Prior to retiring, she was a registered nurse with 48 years experience

Treasurer: Paula Payne - Prior to recently retiring, Paula worked for a number of not-for-profit organisations, in a variety of management roles, including as Executive Officer for Dying with Dignity Victoria (DWDV) during the time Victoria’s VAD legislation was passed.

Assistant Treasurer: Anyse Horman - Anyse was previously treasurer for 15 years. She has an Advanced Diploma of Business Accounting and is a retired owner and manager of small businesses.

Committee Member: Lynn Robson - Lynn has teaching and counselling qualifications and has worked with migrants and Indigenous people in FNQ. She has been a Lifeline Crisis Counsellor pre and post retirement.

Committee Member: Cynthia Workman - Cynthia has been, and continues to be, an active working member of the Bundaberg/Burnett Electorates DWDQ Team.  As a retiree Cynthia has worked in various customer related positions.  She enjoys her gardening, doing volunteer work at Nardoo garden, and loves spending time with her two dogs!

Committee Member: Dr. Sid Finnigan, Retired Ophthalmologist - Dr Sid Finnigan MBBS FRANZCO is a retired eye surgeon with sub specialty in ocular malignancies.