The Legality of Voluntary Assisted Dying

The legality of Voluntary Assisted Dying varies depending on the country. This Wikipedia article provides a general breakdown on a jurisdictional basis.

Research shows that US patients of VAD are mostly white, middle class and suffering from cancer

Medical Blog Science 20 reports research which shows that in the US those who die under the MAiD scheme are mostly white, middle class and suffering from cancer – results similar to those elsewhere.

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No abuses found in NZ VAD service

The New Zealand Herald analyses the recently released VAD stats and concludes that there have been no abuses.

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New Zealand publishes statistics on VAD

The NZ Department of Health publishes stats on the first seven months of the operation of the NZ assisted dying regime.

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Doctors and VAD: the factors that influence practitioners' decisions to participate

A very interesting article from Canada but published in The Conversation about the factors that influence practitioners’ decisions about whether to participate in the MAiD/VAD process.

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Voluntary Assisted Dying and the law in UK

The Guardian follows up the Graham Mansfield story with an examination of the current law in the UK with respect to assisted dying.

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Number of assisted deaths in Leicestershire, UK, revealed

The Leicester Mercury runs a story about the number of assisted suicides that have occurred in Leicestershire in the absence of a VAD law.

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Irish Special Committee to deliberate on VAD in October

The Journal reports that the special Oireachtas Committee setup to examine the Irish VAD bill will begin deliberations in October.

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Peruvian woman cleared by the Supreme Court to access VAD

Reuters reports that Peruvian woman, Ana Estrada, has been cleared by the Supreme Court to have an assisted death.

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New Zealand-born woman considers moving back to NZ to access VAD

The Mirror reports that a New Zealand-born woman, Avril Barker, is considering moving back to NZ to access VAD.

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