Vote for dignity explained

Our voting recommendations are based on a survey of almost six hundred candidates across the state. 

The survey asked: 

  1. Do you, as a matter of principle support the right of Queenslanders to have the choice of seeking access to a system of voluntary assisted dying under appropriate protections and safeguards, if they have a terminal illness or neurological condition causing them intolerable suffering?
  2. Would you, as an MP in the Queensland Parliament ensure your vote on a VAD Bill reflects the wishes of your constituents?

Based on the answers to these questions, Dying with Dignity Queensland has developed how to vote cards for each electorate.

  • Candidates with a tick next to their name have committed to support Voluntary Assisted Dying if they are elected. 
  • Candidates with a cross next to their name have confirmed they would not support Voluntary Assisted Dying if they are elected. 
  • Candidates who did not respond have a question mark next to their name, as we cannot be certain of their view.
  • Some candidates responded with a template letter provided by their party. These letters do not assure commitment for or against VAD. These candidates have also been identified by a question mark. 


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