March: The VAD Implementation Process is Progressing

The implementation process is progressing.  VAD will be available to eligible Queenslanders from 1 January 2023. Voluntary Assisted Dying will give people who are suffering and dying, and who meet eligibility criteria, the option of requesting medical assistance to end their lives. 

The Queensland Government Implementation Task Force

The Task Force is working on implementing VAD for Queenslanders.  They will address all the issues that will translate the law into practice, eg Working with First Nations peoples, Queensland VAD Support Service, Queensland VAD Information Management System, Queensland VAD Pharmacy System, Clinical Engagement and Training, Regional and Remote Access, Community and Service Engagement.

Our Involvement

DWDQ is working with the Implementation Team.  Our President and other Committee members are part of an advocacy group where we’ll discuss the many guidelines and practicalities that will make VAD a stream-lined, compassionate process.  The Implementation Team value the personal letters and submissions that you wrote to lobby your MPs to vote in favour of legalising VAD.  We may ask you to email us and flag any potential problems and questions that you would like us to raise with the team on your behalf.

Please email your thoughts and concerns to Phyllis at  [email protected]

Will Your GP Assist You?

How do you talk to your GP about VAD?   You do need to know where your GP stands, and if they would work with you to access VAD should you request this. Start gently by raising your own beliefs and wishes for end-of-life care.  Let your doctor know you’d want to ask for their help in requesting VAD. It helps if you’ve already completed an Advance Care Directive together – see below.   This may well be the first conversation of many! 

Over time, you may talk about -  

  • The QLD Health training for doctors and other healthcare workers.  Would your GP or others in the practice be interested?
  • Would they like links to DWDQ and QLD Health information and referral pathways?
  • If they are not supportive, are they aware of their legal responsibility to provide the patient with the details of the State-wide Care Navigator Service?

Queensland Health web-site is worth a look, and you can sign up for updates here.

And… National Advance Care Planning week runs from 21-27 March 2022

See for local and virtual events and free fact sheets.

Watch the video on Advance Health Directives on the DWDQ website here.

Thanks for your continued support for the implementation of VAD.  Let us work together.  Please refer to our website periodically as it changes often!

Phyllis Wagner

DWDQ Secretary

Dying with Dignity Queensland