Tell Your Story

What does the implementation of VAD mean to you?

The Queensland Voluntary Assisted Dying implementation taskforce is requesting stories about the passage of VAD laws in our state and how it may benefit you or your loved ones. By filling out this form, your story may be shared with the implementation taskforce and help shape access to the process. 

Please do not share stories about loved ones and the suffering they have endured without VAD access. Such stories previously informed the VAD debate - the current taskforce is interested specifically in what the passage of VAD laws mean to you, and how VAD implementation benefits you or your loved ones. Some topics you may wish to talk about include:

  • How do you or your loved ones view VAD and the choices it provides at the end of life?
  • Does having the choice of VAD give you or your loved ones peace of mind?
  • Do you plan to access VAD if you are eligible? 
  • What does the passage of VAD laws mean to you? What do you like/dislike about the VAD laws?
  • Do you have any hopes about implementation or recommendations for the VAD implementation taskforce?