Presidential Letter to the members of the WFRtDS – March 2022

Via World Federation of Right to Die Societies

It is my pleasure to greet you in this year that is advancing with good news about
covid-19, but also bad news about the situation in Ukraine. Meanwhile, everyone,
you in your organizations and we in the Committee together with the staff continue to
work on the cause that unites us. We are drawing closer to the next General
Assembly scheduled to be held in Toronto next November during which we have
important issues to decide.

As you all know we want to expand on what we can do by adopting the new policy as
is proposed during last General Assembly in WF 2.0, a policy that includes having a
closer and more active cooperative relationship between the members of the
Federation and the Committee, together with the staff.

We need you, the members, to tell us what you want, what you need and what you
propose so that we know what we need to work on and what we need to prioritize. At
the same time, we trust that needs of some members can be met with the knowledge
and experience that other members have, so we also want to take advantage of all
those resources to form a great network. We already received a couple of
contributions to this discussion – thank you!

Soon Rob Jonquière will contact you with information and questions regarding the
organization of the next GA. That is why I want to invite you now to seriously review,
discuss and decide what you think is relevant to ask and suggest for the discussions
in November in order to have those ready for answer when asked about by Rob.
Before we meet at the next conference, we are planning a second webinar to be held
in May or June. Please send your ideas for what topic you would be interested in as
soon as possible to Rob ( [email protected] )

By way of farewell, I would like you to keep in mind that the WF is YOUR Federation,
whose ultimate goal is to get more people to exercise their freedom to decide how
and when they want to die and to do so under the best conditions. Joining forces,
knowledge, experience and creativity, we will achieve much more than we would do
separately .

My best wishes to all,

Asunción Álvarez