Petition for Assisted Dying Laws in Queensland

Every day too many Queenslanders along with their families and carers, experience the pain, the distress and the struggle of untreatable or terminal illness.

Each month on average, at least seven Queenslanders who are suffering from a terminal, or chronic or degenerative condition commits suicide.

The 2020 Queensland Parliamentary Report into Voluntary Assisted Dying recommends that Voluntary Assisted Dying be legalised and be accessible to Queenslanders, with specific safeguards in place for patients and medical practitioners.

We call on all MPs to commit to supporting Voluntary Assisted Dying for Queenslanders.

Who's signing the Petition?

Who's signing

Shayne Higson
Margo Dean
Jane Greig
Kelvin Schmidt
Janine Rielly
Catherine McKay
Janeene King
Debra Mengel
Virginia Fewster
Jeffrey Nolan
angus lee
Louise Spence
Robyn Gray
Christel Hauri
Catherine Frost
Victoria Mckenzie
Sanam Arthur
Shanne Buchanan
Jennifer Howell
Haydon Grave
Alan McDonald
Liz Datson
Donna White
Craig Williams
Anne Turner
Tina Barnes
Corene Crossin
Linda Thomas
Tracey Gealy
Michelle Pearsall

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  • Shayne Higson
    signed 2021-04-27 17:16:28 +1000
  • Margo Dean
    signed via 2021-04-27 13:20:01 +1000
    I held my mother in my arms as she took her last breath.

    Mum had elected not to have the surgery that would save her life, as she would be bedridden for the rest of her life. She made the decision to go palitive, and she knew she would die within a few weeks.

    Those weeks proceedings her death were the most emotionally painful I have ever endured. The last week and a half of her life, the Mum we knew her was no longer with us She was suffering and just wanted it to end. The hospital staff were incredible, but there was only so much they could do.

    She should have been given the choice to die with dignity.
  • Jane Greig
    signed 2021-04-27 09:49:49 +1000
  • Kelvin Schmidt
    signed 2021-04-27 09:20:58 +1000
    I ask all MPs in Queensland to think very seriously. We have all seen people die terrible horrible deaths and families suffering as well when there is no need for this. The proposed VAD Reforms do not force religious people to break their conscience. They can choose. But those who truly believe that God would not want to force us to bear terrible unnecessary suffering (or have no religious belief) and would like to choose a non painful death without pointless suffering at the end – and one with dignity are not able without these reforms to do so.

    Please vote compassionately and decently. Not your religious views – you can already follow them. But vote on what is decent and humane.
  • Janine Rielly
    signed via 2021-04-26 21:35:53 +1000
  • Catherine McKay
    signed 2021-04-26 13:50:50 +1000
  • Janeene King
    signed 2021-04-26 10:13:13 +1000
  • Debra Mengel
    signed 2021-04-25 23:56:40 +1000
  • Virginia Fewster
    signed 2021-04-25 19:48:48 +1000
  • Jeffrey Nolan
    signed 2021-04-25 13:01:04 +1000
  • angus lee
    signed 2021-04-25 03:58:34 +1000
  • Louise Spence
    signed 2021-04-24 20:17:03 +1000
  • Robyn Gray
    signed 2021-04-24 19:40:43 +1000
  • Christel Hauri
    signed 2021-04-24 08:26:16 +1000
  • Catherine Frost
    signed 2021-04-23 20:08:03 +1000
  • Victoria Mckenzie
    signed 2021-04-22 23:24:17 +1000
  • Sanam Arthur
    signed 2021-04-22 10:26:06 +1000
  • Shanne Buchanan
    signed 2021-04-22 06:58:39 +1000
  • Jennifer Howell
    signed via 2021-04-21 14:35:43 +1000
  • Haydon Grave
    signed 2021-04-21 12:39:55 +1000
  • Alan McDonald
    signed 2021-04-21 11:23:27 +1000
    My friend has terminal Motor Neurone disease and is struggling to breathe amongst all other problems. His future without euthanasia, is an agonising death.
  • Liz Datson
    signed 2021-04-21 07:47:44 +1000
  • Donna White
    signed via 2021-04-21 07:18:15 +1000
  • Craig Williams
    signed via 2021-04-21 02:34:57 +1000
  • Anne Turner
    signed 2021-04-20 22:49:22 +1000
    I have terminal illness and hate the fact I will be left in the hands of doctors who only care about themselves in such a manner they do not care how much you suffer. I can not even get an indication of when or the stages.

    I do know it will be by slow strangulation in effect.

    I find the lack of compassion shocking. I can not understand why they became doctors unless they enjoy watching suffering.

    What I have is rate and I am just a lab rat. Others in the US who

    have same feel the same way.

    I really hope the law gets up in time but imagine the doctors I have will put themselves first and make it as hard as possible for me to have a peaceful end.

    We do not do this to animals.

    I do not understand why a peaceful and painfree death is not a human right. Now that the virus is here perhaps I will decide to let nature take its course because although the end is the same it is faster. I hope the law is not allowed to be stonewalled.
  • Tina Barnes
    signed 2021-04-20 22:16:59 +1000
  • Corene Crossin
    signed 2021-04-20 15:46:49 +1000
  • Linda Thomas
    signed 2021-04-19 21:47:05 +1000
  • Tracey Gealy
    signed via 2021-04-19 17:47:44 +1000
  • Michelle Pearsall
    signed 2021-04-19 11:35:37 +1000