Interstate Updates on Voluntary Assisted Dying

Via Jane Morris – VAD-MW News:


January 20, 2022 – The Age, Letters -

“At the age of 84, I need a rapid antigen test kit and a “peaceful pill” to take if the result is positive, rather than burden the hospital system and suffer the indignities of medical treatment”. Kishor Dabke, Mount Waverley 

Kishor’s letter was prompted by 2 articles he had read previously in The Age, Erin Pearson, ‘My nightmare in hospital as COVID stressed the system’ and David Crowe, ‘Australians back case for free or subsidised tests’.



DWDQ President Jos Hall, provides an update on planning for Queensland’s VAD implementation. VAD is set to be implemented this year and plans are being made for a VAD review board, a Statewide Care Navigator service and a Statewide Pharmacy service. 



VAD is set to commence on October 23 this year. Details have now been provided on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Commission, VAD Navigator service, VAD training and guidelines and a job opportunity as Team Leader for the VAD Navigation Service. 

The Tasmanian Department of Health has made available a comprehensive and fantastic list of Voluntary Assisted Dying frequently asked questions. Included in the list are such questions as-

  • Is Voluntary Assisted Dying suicide?
  • Will my life insurance be paid out if I access voluntary assisted dying?
  • Can I access my super prior to accessing voluntary assisted dying?
  • I need assistance with communication as English is not my first language or I have difficulties with communication, will I be able to make a voluntary assisted dying request?
  • How long will the voluntary assisted dying process take?