First Hurdle Cleared in NSW VAD Bill

Via Dying with Dignity New South Wales:


There are more hurdles to clear, but today the NSW Lower House showed its compassion by voting the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Bill through to the next stage in the parliamentary process.

This means that the VAD Bill is likely to pass the Lower House. We are incredibly relieved and thankful to the 53 MPs who have supported the Bill.

However, danger lies ahead as the Bill now goes through the “committee” stage where amendments are considered. As we foreshadowed, there have been a large number of “hostile” amendments designed to delay the debate and throw up obstacles for dying people.

As Michael Daley MP for Maroubra pointed out, legislation can go into this process as a racehorse and emerge as a camel.

At this point, there have been well over 160 amendments with more still being drafted. Some have been put forward in good faith to strengthen the Bill. Most are cynically designed to frustrate its intent.

We hope that these will be debated tonight and tomorrow and that the Bill passes the Lower House without being watered down or delayed. It would be a mark of respect for the people of NSW if the Bill cleared the Lower House this year.  

We hope to bring you good news tomorrow.

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