DWDQ May Update 2023

100% funded by our supporters

All DWDQ committee members are volunteers. None of us are paid. We work from our spare room or our kitchen tables! We come from a mix of backgrounds and we all share a heartfelt commitment to ensure that voluntary assisted dying, and choice at the end of life, are available to all terminally ill people in Queensland.

We do have welcome paid IT support from Dylan, whose name you’ll see on posts on the website. 

DWDQ works as an advocacy and liaison group. We offer information and education to all who want to know more about choices at the end of life.

Recently, it was a pleasure to meet and talk to the Neighbourhood Watch Group on Bribie Island and the Ladies’ Club in Nerang. 

The Wide Bay group have been developing a webinar that answers all your questions about voluntary assisted dying - watch out for updates.

We’re also working on a webinar to be shown on Zoom by U3a in September this year.

If you’re a member of a group and would like some-one to come and talk about end-of-life choices, advance care planning, and the new voluntary assisted dying law - please let us know.  

Email us at [email protected]. We’re happy to come to gardening clubs, Scrabble meetings, Rotary and Probus Clubs, or any neighbourhood gathering.

Help us keep going

We’re 100% supported by YOU, our supporters.

We really appreciate the memberships, donations and monthly pledges that we’ve received in recent months.  Thank you all for your generous support.

If you haven’t yet donated – please do!  

DWDQ is a registered charity. All donations are tax deductible.  

For your tax return, our ABN is: 98 596 385 758

It’s one easy step. Go to our website, click on the HELP US/DONATE button to donate online or see other options. Alternatively, you can click here to go straight to the donate page.

Where the money goes

  • Our data base – which we couldn’t function without
  • Other IT costs: website, social media, accounting package
  • dedicated phone number 1300 733 818 for all your calls
  • Printing costs for flyers and posted newsletters
  • Public information meeting venue expenses

Our only source of income is from YOU - so we really appreciate whatever you can manage. Thank you also for the comments and questions that come in after each update.   

Palliative Care Week 21- 27 May 2023

Palliative care and voluntary assisted dying are both critical parts of a spectrum of care and choices as we reach the end of life. In Victoria, over 80% of all applicants for voluntary assisted dying were also being cared for by palliative care services.  

Look out for events and sessions starting 21 May.  

  • What is palliative care? Zoom session Tuesday 23 May 12.30-1.30
  • The circle of care Zoom session Tuesday 23 May 2.00-3.00
  • “Live the life you please”: new Australian documentary, premiere screening and Q&A:  Sunday 28 May 1.00-3.00 in Brisbane. 

For more information: go to palliativecareqld.org.au or click here.